Art for Franchises



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Art for Franchises is the working title for a series of ongoing projects that consider the constructed environments and ephemera of franchises as a source for the creation and display of new artworks.

The project seeks to extend branded environments into the virtual spaces of digital media, and vice versa, so that deeper meaning and cultural context can be brought to the design process involved in created a McDonalds, Burger King, 7-11, IKEA, or Walmart.

Art for Franchises considers the suburban architecture of the neighborhood burger restaurant, retail outlet, and convenience store a more relevant space to engage the public in cultural discourse than an art gallery.

A mix of high and low culture is one of the goals of Art for Franchises. The project considers established artists as brands in of themselves and seeks to employ their artistic output in an effort to bridge the gap between the world of contemporary art and high culture, with an audience in the act of quick consumption.

Art for Franchises views the language brands use to engage with their audiences as a valuable and meaningful exchange between creator and audience. Social media accounts managed by the likes of Chipotle and Denny’s have more cultural relevance than Cervantes. Art for Franchises seeks to engage in the literature of this discourse with new meaning.

Visuals for interiors, beverage cups, food containers, a book of poems, and ambient music, are all individual projects planned for Art for Franchises. It is the end goal of the project to have these works featured in a popular retail chain.