Roy Madison

Roy Madison

Roy Madison is a fictional character created during one of many writing residencies at the Highland Gardens Hotel in Hollywood, California. Loosely inspired by the divorced and slovenly sportswriter, Oscar Madison, that Walter Matthau played in the 1968 film The Odd Couple, Roy Madison is a recently divorced sportswriter that lives in a Hollywood hotel.

Through live performance appearances and writing, Roy Madison employs baseball as a vehicle to talk about the larger existential themes inherently wrapped in the human condition: mainly impermanence and death.

Some highlights from the desk of Roy Madison include:


Roy’s first article. Written for Bleacher Report his login credentials were immediately revoked after it was posted.


Roy writes about the final game of Derek Jeter’s career by rewriting a 1960 essay penned by John Updike that covered the final game of Ted Williams. Hub Fans Bid 2 Adieu


Roy moves to Vancouver to devote his writing to the newly minted East Van Baseball League with a collection of seminal essays.

New Season, New Beat

Saturday Among the Living

Hot Snap to a Cold Season

Mid-Season Breaking Point

At the End


The Roy Madison Broadcast Gondola is created on East Van Baseball’s new website as a home for the musings of Roy Madison

In Person appearances:

Roy was asked to host and cover play-by-play for the the 2016 East Van Baseball Championship.


Who is Roy Madison? — April, 7th, Vancouver Is Awesome.