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bill’s place

every friday and saturday night, 148 West 133rd street in harlem becomes a b.y.o.b. jazz club called bill's place.

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love letter to a dive

Cherry Tavern and the gentrification of drinking along a wet stretch of 6th Street in Manhattan's east village.

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being gay

a long, complicated, weird, and probably illegal, half plagiarized, unpublishable story about david look acting as, writing as, and being gay talese.

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the long goodbye: the end of a neighbourhood bar

its closure was announced as summer turned to fall. now it was winter, and the comox was on its death bed.

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in bed with the enemy: a night at mr. president’s newest hotel

everyone told me not to stay at trump international vancouver, but i didn’t listen.

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sleeping class

five days aboard a legendary transcontinental train that makes a 4000km journey across canada two times a week.

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guided by the 90s: vancouver

An eight part series that investigated the changing urban landscape by using an outdated travel guide to tour the city.

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the time i retired for a month to see what it was like

in which i pursue an answer to the question: is retirement worth saving for?

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crashing the corporate christmas party

a short radio piece i wrote for the canadian broadcasting corporation about crashing christmas parties.

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a 300 year history of the bay, told in one day

in which i tell the 300 year history of the bay over the course of an entire day spent inside its vancouver flagship location.

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